FireFox not caching…

I came across the weird sensation that FireFox was a bit slow the last couple of weeks (yes I know it took me a couple of week to notice !). Well this strange behavior was confirmed when I started implementing a client site based on Magento.

While testing the site in IE8 and Safari, I was amazed to see the site load time being fast as lightning (yes magento can be fast when you choose the right hosting company). Then I switch to FireFox to use FireBug and then I flashed, damn it !! FF is not using caching anymore, shame on you little shinny fox.

After browsing around for a couple of minutes into obscure web forums I found a way to recover the fox by doing the following:

  • Type in about:config in the address bar
  • Use the filter with ‘cache’
  • Look for browser.cache.disk.enable, browser.cache.memory.enable and network.http.use-cache
  • Make sure they are set to True, click on it if not

Yeah that’s it pretty simple isn’t ! Thanks Google and obscur web forums, you’ve brought me back to future and my machine seems faster (this is when 90% of you time on the machine is spend with FF) !!

I don’t know when this got screwed up, if anyone know … Potentially some wacky add-on.

I hope this can be helpful to someone else.

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